Adventures from the Adirondack Mountains to the coast of Maine

Northern Forest Canoe Trail documentary

The goal of this project is to create a film about the Northern Forest Canoe Trail (NFCT) for the 2012 Northern Forest Paddlers Film Festival, which has shows throughout the Northeast including in Portland, Maine and Lake Placid, New York. The festival attracts about 800 people annually.The film will also be entered into independent film festivals and shown at other appropriate venues.

The documentary will be about the journey of three paddlers and the people, places and wildlife they meet on the 740-mile canoe trail. It will feature Mike Lynch, Jacob Resneck and Ariel Diggory, who travelled on the trail during the summer of 2011. The trip began in late June and ended in August. Only Mike completed the entire trip. Jacob and Ariel each joined him for roughly half of it.  

   The production is being overseen by Mike, who was helped in the filming process on the trip by Jacob and Ariel.  In addition to working on the film, Mike maintains a blog with photos on about the trip. Video, including a film trailer, will be available on once it is ready.

   For those not familiar with the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, it starts in Old Forge, New York and passes through Vermont, Quebec and New Hampshire before ending in Fort Kent, Maine. Some of the challenges of the trip included crossing Lake Champlain, walking more than 55 miles of canoe carries and navigating a variety of rivers both upstream and down.

     The idea for the Northern Forest Canoe Trail came to life in the 1990s when Mike Krepner, Ron Canter, and Randy Mardres of Native Trails, Inc. researched the traditional east-west water routes used by Native Americans and early settlers in the Northern Forest Region, from the Adirondacks to Northern Maine.

   In 2000, Kay Henry and Rob Center - former principals of Mad River Canoe Company - incorporated the Northern Forest Canoe Trail organization as a way to translate this research into a recreational, community, and regional resource.

    To sponsor this project contact Mike Lynch at or call 518-524-4770.

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